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Tocador loft roble negro

Price per single slats panel with felt.

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Panel size: H:275cm x W:30cm x D:2.2cm

Courier delivery service in 2-7days.

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Tocador loft roble negro
Easy to cut & easy to install
Acoustic panels absorbing noise and loud sounds.
Natural wooden look finish and amazing colours
Wood decor wrap all around MDF slat!


MOMO Acoustic Slats wall panels collection is designed to improve the acoustics of any space, whether it's a home, office, or commercial building.
Panel size: H: 275cm x W: 30cm x D: 2.2cm

These panels are made from high-quality MDF wrapped in wood decor lamiate and also with real veneer. We use sound-absorbing materials like felt that effectively reduce echoes and noise pollution. The sleek and modern design of the slats adds a touch of elegance to any room while providing functionality and improved sound quality.

Slats panels are easy to install and can be customized to fit your space, and also can be painted or stained to match your decor. Upgrade your space with our Acoustic Slat Wall Panel Collection, available now in our online store.


How to install Slats wall panels?

Installing our acoustic slats wall panels is a quick and easy process. To begin, you'll need to prepare the surface by cleaning it and ensuring it's smooth and ready to glue the panels. Next, use a spirit level to ensure that the patterns of the panels are straight on the wall. Next, apply adhesive dubs at the rear of the panel directly from the tube adhesive, and attach and press each panel to the wall firmly. Finally, the panels are easy to cut using a wood saw. Enjoy your new, cosy, and quiet interior!

How to clean slats wall panels?

Slats wall panels are easy to clean and maintain. A fully recycled felt is used as the baseboard—individual slats made from veneered or decor-wrapped MDF. We recommend using a damp cloth for daily cleaning without chemical detergents. You can also use hoover with a clean nozzle to dust off the surface between the slats. In case of stains, use soap and water and clean with a soft cloth or a clean sponge.

What's is delivery time?

Most of our slats panels models are in stock. Contact us if you need any specific quantity. Average production time up is between 1-2 weeks. We offer courier delivery and it takes 3-6 days to deliver to any adress in EU.

Do you offer slats wall samples?

Yes, we offer slat samples - a set of pieces including each slat on felt t show the quality. You can buy your slats panels sample here.

Acoustic slats walls

Our slats panels are perfectly matched to the panel next to it for a flawless, seamless appearance. Slide the button left to right to see what you can do!

Single panel

Wall with slats panels

Recommended adhesive:

We recommend using Mammuth tube adhesive. Single tube will cover 3-4 panels.

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