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Upholstered 3D Wall Panels

What are upholstered panels?

It didn't take long for the walls covered with upholstered elements to become an interior hit. Today, this decoration is among the most popular trends. Each surface covered with them looks phenomenal and is pleasant to the touch.

Thanks to the ready-made CUSHYWall panels, you do not have to prepare this impressive ornament from scratch. In the series, you will find elements of various shapes and colours that allow you to create many original configurations. Make them a headboard, seat, decoration in a dressing room or attractively finish the entire wall, thanks to which the interior will gain a unique character. These are just a few of the many possibilities.

Upholstered panels CUSHYwall are precisely cut MDF boards in various shapes, combined with dense, flexible polyurethane foam and covered with high-quality fabric. The elements are universal, light and perfectly finished, which facilitates their assembly. Due to the fact that they were made with attention to detail, they look so tasteful. Why is it still worth choosing this solution?


Panels are very lightweight easy to transport and handle during the installation.

Full colour palette

The velvety fabric coating is available in 10 different variation colours from our colours palette.

Quick and easy to install

This is a DIY product, you don't need to deal with trade installers. Hassle-free and easy installation!

Excellent design

Panels are designed to combine different and individual layout patterns with basic DIY skills  

CUSHYwall Panels are manufactured in Poland.

Collection of upholstered 3D wall panels