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HEXA FELT 3D Wall Panels

HEXA 3D FELT wall panels are the quick decor solution to update any room without a hefty price tag. All panels are supplied with 3D self adhesive. The panels come in a set of 3.
easy to install and can be applied to any surface!.

Features like a "corkboard" material backing for pinning and mounting your keys, notes, photos or anything else you want to keep close by.
Panels are lightweight and durable, scratch-proof, fire-resistant and 100% recyclable.

HEXA FELT is a natural product made from recycled PET materials that can be recycled again – that's how sustainable it really is!


FELT panels are suppkeid with 3D self adhesive tape, tehy are easy to cut. Panels adhesive bonds to any surfaces, paper, plaster, brick wall or ieven rendered walls.


Our FELT panels are recycled and reinforced with pressed 9mm PET. Super hard to damage or peel off the wall, resistant to scratches or cuts!


Our Felt panels are easy to handle - very light panels with massive durability and strong adhesive. Panels are suitable for any wall or ceiling surface.  


Ideal to any commercial use. Felt as material is resitnat to open fire and doesn't burn or melt when in contact with fire. We dont use any chemicals or detergents in production process.

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