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Fluffo RIFT Soft Acoustic Wall Panels

Fluffo RIFT is a collection of decorative and soundproofing wall panels with a corrugated surface available in a wide selection of colours. They soundproof a room in a beautiful and stylish way. With Fluffo RIFT you can enjoy a cosy, quiet and most importantly, beautiful interior.


Panels are very lightweight easy to transport and handle during the installation.

Full colour palette

The velvety fabric coating is available in 56 different variation from the Fluffo colours palette.

Quick and easy to install

This is a DIY product.
The installation is easy and hassle-free.

Excellent design

Panels are designed to combine different and individual layout patterns.

Select the model and shape of the panel, choose your favourite colour and use the recommended glue adhesive. Fluffo will manufacture the panels according to your order including panel thickness and colours.

All Fluffo products are covered with a soft finish, made of millions of colourful polyamide microfibres glued to the surface; they are sensuous and velvety to the touch.

Download the installation manual: