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ARSTYL 3D Wall Panels

PURE // Play with the ARSTYL® Wall Panels structure. The combination of pure white and profound grey will result in a sophisticated simplicity of shades and shadows.

FUN // Not only the fluorescent or mixed colours but also the dazzling window-dressing styles will take the graphical designs of the ARSTYL® Wall Panels to a whole new level.

NATURAL // The colours of the earth and the sky give the ARSTYL® Wall Panels a touch of rocks, waves or bark and give your interior that soft and magical look.

Explore our three styles, get inspired and design your own interior, shades and shadows...


The ARSTYL® range for wall and ceiling embellishments has now taken its passion for decoration to a whole next level and proudly presents its Wall Panels.

These new generation wall decorations will give your interior a highly inspired new look, neat structure or a coloured relief design.


Arstyl Panels are very lightweight, easy to transport and handle during the installation.

Excellent design

Panels are designed to combine different and individual layout patterns. No grouting required!

Quick and easy to install

This is a DIY product, you don't need to deal with trade installers. Hassle-free and easy installation!

100% Waterproof

ARSTYL is 100% waterproof and suitable for bathrooms and wet areas with high humidity.

Arstyl 3D wall panels
Arstyl 3D wall panels
Arstyl 3D wall panels
Arstyl 3D wall panels

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