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3D Ceramic Gypsum Panels

Crushed Rock 3D Wall Panel Model 04
Desert Sand 3D Wall Panel Model 09
Honeycomb 3D Wall Panel Model 14
Soft Buttons 3D Wall Panel Model 06

Ceramic Gypsum 3D Wall Panels.

Made from extremely hard and high-density ceramic plaster. New decorative wall panels available in format 50cm x 50cm.
Panels are supplied in boxes, ready to be installed and painted!


It's high density plaster, sound absorbing and also great soundproofing material.

Real 3D surface

Real 3D panels with solid finish. Perfect for lounges, TV walls and receptions!

Quick & easy to install

Panels are very easy to install and decorate! High quality plaster easy to cut and decorate!

Excellent design

Panels are designed to combine different and individual layout patterns.

3D wall panels Wicker
3D ceramic gypsum panels Wicker

The panels are manufactured in the E.U.

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