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3D Gypsum Brick Walls

Create your brick walls in minutes using our innovative plaster casted brick slips for every interior.

Wall bricks contain the pointing (grout) section for easy installation and without any spacers.

Brick tiles are an elegant and traditional looking feature for any interiors like lounges, bedrooms, living areas, receptions or restaurant lobbies.

3D brick walls
3D brick walls
3D brick walls
3D brick walls

Fire resistant

Ceramic Gypsum tiles are fire retardant and heat resistant.

Real 3D surface

Plaster Brick slips imitate real brick wall.

Quick & easy to install

Brick tiles are designed to be installed without tile spacers or additional jointing works.

Excellent design

Brick wall feature walls are most trendy and popular in lounges, kitchens, dining areas, restaurants and hotels.

Brick Wall Tiles collection: